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New Orleans, LA

la belle esplanade

There is more to New Orleans than the French Quarter. There is more to New Orleans than you have read in guidebooks or online. There is more than you have seen on TV or in the movies. There is a wonderful city famous to tourists from all over the world. There is also another more magical and enchanting New Orleans just a smidge off the tourist radar. That’s where we live. This is the best place to stay in New Orleans.

There is more to New Orleans than what your friends have told you—-much more, believe me. Don’t try to relive someone else’s vacation. Have your own New Orleans adventures. You can stay in a hotel in the French Quarter or off Canal Street. Or, you can immerse yourself in a unique boutique experience at La Belle Esplanade, the best place to stay in New Orleans.

Home is where you are welcome. If you find yourself bored in New Orleans, it won’t be the city’s fault. Even when nothing is going on in New Orleans, something is happening. Believe me. La Belle Esplanade is a five-suite boutique experience inn that is as hypnotically colorful as the rest of this fantastical city we call home. We live on a beautiful street in an interesting neighborhood, surrounded by the unexpected delights that are commonplace in New Orleans for those with the gumption to discover them. If you want to live like a local, even for a short time, welcome home. This is the best place to stay in New Orleans.

Use your better intuition when you stay in New Orleans.

Visit like you belong.

Maybe you’ve been to New Orleans before. We understand why you want to come back. Go anywhere in the world and say the words, “New Orleans.” People will know where you are talking about. It’s a small city, still 100,000 people less since Hurricane Katrina, but it is a city that packs a punch above its weight class. New Orleans is justly famous for good reasons. Where is the best place to stay in New Orleans? Come experience the authentic New Orleans, the New Orleans where people live, where traditions both survive and thrive, where it's not all about selling tee shirts and souvenirs to the drunk and the gullible. Good memories make the best souvenirs. You can't put a price on those.

The Lonely Planet Guide calls us a Top Choice place to stay in New Orleans.

As of this writing La Belle Esplanade has been ranked the #1 best place to stay, not only in New Orleans but also in all of Louisiana for three-and-a-half years, month-after month. We hope that's still true when you read this. Come find out why.

Like the city we call home, our boutique experience inn is full of surprises. Every room is a different color and there are fresh surprises to be discovered wherever you look. La Belle Esplanade is not a hotel, and it’s not exactly a bed & breakfast, either. It’s an amalgamation of unexpected delights we would like to find if we were to embark on a New Orleans adventure. Home is where you are welcome.

In our humble opinion , La Belle Esplanade is the best place to stay in New Orleans. La Belle Esplanade is unlike any hotel you've ever stayed in. It is unlike any B&B. La Belle Esplanade is better. This is New Orleans. Everything is better in New Orleans.

Investigate this website at your leisure. Read all our suite descriptions and learn what amenities we offer, including breakfast. Spend some time reading our blog's extensive archives to get a good idea of what La Belle Esplanade is all about. 10.45 million people visited New Orleans in 2016. We expect more people this year. La Belle Esplanade only has five suites. Don't take too long before you make a decision. It's not just our opinion. Plenty of people agree with us that this is the best place to stay in New Orleans.

Here's a sort of manifesto of what we try to offer our guests to this amazing city: Get Outside the New Orleans Tourist Box. You can visit New Orleans like an accidental tourist or you can visit New Orleans with the intent to discover what it is about this unique city that makes it different from anywhere else on earth. Whichever way you choose to visit New Orleans is fine, we're not here to judge, but we think if you decide to stay at La Belle Esplanade, you'll have made the better choice. La Belle Esplanade is your personalized New Orleans lifestyle headquarters for the duration of your stay. La Belle Esplanade will be home while you're here.

We only have five suites. Not everyone can stay with us. We simply don’t have room for everyone who wants to call our boutique experience inn home for their vacation. We tend to fill up early, months and months in advance when we’re talking about festival seasons. Life in New Orleans unfolds at its own pace, full of tasty mysteries and gratified suspense. We are innkeepers, an old profession, and this is what we do: we introduce people to this magical city we call home. Where is the best place to stay in New Orleans? We’re biased, and you already know what our answer is gonna be.

To everyone who has stayed with us before and shared their experience through reviews posted online, THANK YOU. Our reputation is our business. We love what we do. We look forward to seeing you again. We have found our vocation, being goodwill ambassadors for this amazing city we call home. We love New Orleans. After experiencing it from where we live, you will, too. Welcome to New Orleans, The City That Care Forgot. Come see for yourself.

À votre santé,
Matthew King and Melanie Schmitt
La Belle Esplanade
…the best place to stay in New Orleans

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