La Belle Esplanade is furnished with a sense of both history and whimsy.  This isn’t your great-grandparents’ house.  There is little frilly or fey about the decor.  We don’t own any doilies or tea party froo-froo.  We’re less Downtown Abbey and more Mid-City New Orleans.  If you like surprises, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you will find in our inn.  If you don’t like surprises, don’t worry.  You’ll still be pleasantly surprised.

Each of our suites has a theme.  That’s what bed and breakfasts do.  We offer both comforatble beds and gourmet breakfasts, of course, but we don’t think of ourselves as a B&B, per se.  We are a small boutique experience inn.  What does that mean?  You’ll have to visit to find out for yourself to be certain.  None of the rooms in our inn are the same.  No two rooms are the same color.  Heck, no two ceilings are the same color.

At least 10 million people visit New Orleans every year.  We only have five suites.  Everybody can’t stay here.  Think of La Belle Esplanade as a small boutique version of the Ritz, if the Ritz was a picturesque boutique experience inn in an colorful old mansion and run by two people.  Scale back your expectations if you want 24 hour room service, or, scale them up if you want to experience the real New Orleans with most of the amenities a hotel would offer.  Our suites are comfortable and furnished to make you feel at home.  Experience New Orleans in a real neighborhood, the way the city is lived by its citizens.  We live in an wonderful city.

When we purchased La Belle Esplanade it was a boarding house.  Each suite was an apartment that was rented month-to-month furnished with period antiques.  Don’t ask why.  That’s just the way it was.  When we purchased this boarding house, we also bought all the furniture.  We didn’t kick anyone out of their apartments but we also didn’t want to say that the tenants could still live here but without furniture.  Many of these antiques were poorly maintained, threadbare and uncomfortable.  As time passed, we replaced the less impressive pieces with more contemporary furniture.  The result nowadays is a satisfactory mix of old and new combined with a lot of locally produced original artwork.

Do you want to stay in a chain hotel where you know exactly what to expect and no more, everything tailored to an industrial scale?  That’s not what we do.  Do you want to stay in a boutique experience inn that comfortably eases you into what it is like to live in New Orleans?  Welcome to the New Orleans state of mind.  La Belle Esplanade will be your home for as long as you’re here with us.

Ours is a city in which you never know what you’ll find when you turn a corner.  New Orleans is a kaleidoscope of a city and our address is just one tiny facet.  Walking up to our front door will make you smile.  Walking through our front door will make you sigh, delighted and contented—finally and at last—you’re home.  Many, many good memories have been made within these walls.  Good memories are made at La Belle Esplanade every day.

Our lobby is home to The New Orleans Odditarium, a small museum that is a collection of locally found and donated curiosities and curios.  Just about everything in our inn has a story attached to it, just like everything and everyone in New Orleans has a story.  You’ll never be bored in New Orleans.  There is always some new wonder unfolding here.  You will enjoy the time spent in our neighborhood and at our inn.  La Belle Esplanade is your home for the length of your visit.  No one ever says their stay is too long. There is always some new story to discover in New Orleans.  We live on a beautiful street in a beautiful house surrounded by beautiful and interesting things.  You can experience what it’s like to live in New Orleans yourself on Esplanade Avenue.