No omelettes and no bacon. No scrambled eggs. We aren’t licensed to cook on the premises, so we don’t. We turn that to our advantage. No cereal, cold or hot. Sorry. No pre-packaged danish or English muffins. Nobody visits New Orleans to eat store-bought bagels. We don’t offer a continental breakfast, per se. Our guests prefer to call it a curated buffet of what we find interesting from various neighborhood places, farmers’ markets, local pastry shops, and from artisans who prepare, with love and care, good things to eat.  This is the most unique breakfast in New Orleans.  When you visit New Orleans, you should eat like a New Orleanian.

What’s for breakfast tomorrow? We don’t know. We go out every morning before any of our guests are awake and we pick up what is in season, what we think will be interesting, and where we think there will be the best gossip on any given day. Every day is a surprise.  Every minute of every day in New Orleans is full of pleasant surprises.  Why should breakfast be any different?

The most unique breakfast in New Orleans.
Everything in New Orleans is beautiful. Even breakfast is beautiful.



No greasy breakfast sausage links from Costco. When we serve sausage, it’s Italian Creole sausage from a shop that’s been in business for 90 years. They’re 4th generation sausage makers. Or it’s boudin from upriver, from St. James Parish. When we serve donuts, they can be maple and bacon johnny logs from a shop run by three policemen.  They know their donuts. Or, they might be buttermilk drops, which are a traditional local specialty. Where do you find the best apple fritters in New Orleans? We’ve tried them all and the answer may surprise you.

You can’t have the most unique breakfast in New Orleans without good bread.  We serve different bread every day, from a traditional po’ boy loaf, to a New Orleans-style ciabatta, to an authentic French baguette with a crust that crackles when you bite it, to handcrafted loaves packed with olives, or pecans, or cranberries, or garlic and bell pepper.  We don’t know what will be on any day’s menu.  We know it will all be delicious, the way New Orleans, overall, is both sweet and savory delectable.

The Most Unique Breakfast in New Orleans
A savory selection of meats and cheeses served up with style.



There is always a selection of meats and cheeses from The St. James Cheese Company and from other local cheese and charcuterie mongers.  There is always fresh fruit, like strawberries from Pontchatoula, LA, “Strawberry Capital of the World.”  The jellies we serve are handmade by a lady who lives in St. Bernard Parish, downriver from us. She delivers them to us when we are running low. We never know what she’s going to bring. She uses the fruit from her neighbors’ farm gardens out in the swamp that surrounds our fair city. It’s a different world out there, flush with gooseberry bushes and satsuma groves.

We put other things out on the buffet table, too.  Help yourself.  That’s what it’s there for.

Our coffee has chicory in it, the way we drink it here, in New Orleans. We keep a wide variety of specialty teas on hand. Nobody leaves our dining room hungry. We offer plenty of choices. We offer plenty of surprises. We offer a taste of the neighborhoods that make this wonderful city we live in great. We like to share.

Breakfast is served!
A curated breakfast gives you a taste of authentic New Orleans every morning at the #1 small craft hotel in this magical city.


If you have any dietary concerns, let us know beforehand. Or, like most people, you can tell us when you check in. We prefer the former so we can plan ahead but, either way, we can accomodate you. Nobody leaves our dining room hungry. There is always something sweet and something savory, something refreshing and something invigorating. For us, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s when we get to answer your questions, explain the city, and help you navigate the many choices New Orleans offers.

Breakfast is served 8:30-9:30AM every day. Any time after 8:00, is usually fine. We’re generally ready by then and we enjoy the company. We don’t kick anyone out of the dining room at 9:30. We let the conversations take their course until everyone is satisfied and they are ready to start their adventures in the city at large on their own terms.  Our tiny boutique personalized hotel prides itself on providing the most unique breakfast in New Orleans.  Come find out why we are ranked the #1 lodging in our class.  18 million people visited New Orleans last year.  Our dining room only seats ten every morning.  Get in on the secret.  This isn’t IHOP.

You won’t talk with a waiter or waitress who moves from table to table for tips.  Instead, you’ll have the chance to talk two two New Orleans goodwill ambassadors who love to share what they know about this amazing city. They will give you tips about what to do during the upcoming day.  Every day is an adventure in New Orleans.

Make a reservation today to stay at New Orlean’s most unique small hotel.  We only have five suites.  18 million people visited New Orleans last year.  We only have five suites. Only of few of those 18 million got to stay at La Belle Esplanade.  Be one of the fortunate few.   Here is the link to our calendar.  Click it, see what we have available.  Every suite is spacious.  Every suite has a private bathroom and private balcony.  This is real New Orleans living.  Every suite has its own theme, an insight into at least one aspect of New Orleans culture.  Visit New Orleans like you belong here.  Good memories are made on Esplanade Avenue every day.  Trust me.  I live here.  I see it happen every day.  Here is that link again.  Plug in your dates and see what suites we have avaiablle.  Plan ahead.  You’ll be in good company.

Our rates are comparable to what you’ll pay at a French Quarter hotel but the value we provide in information about our neighborhood and the rest of New Orleans is priceless.  Get the most from your stay in New Orleans.  Visit like you want to remember it forever.

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